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Star Wars Day Breakdown

Howdy folks.

Figured I'd do a small behind the scenes of Friday's May the 4th animation. Nothing too special here so don't get excited.

After trying to clean up a free model I found on CG Trader, I glanced at my other monitor and noticed a much nicer model that was on sale for 12 bucks. As a StarWars fan, that was worth every penny.

Taking reference from some recent phone advertisements... I set up a fun light rig to wrap around the geometry.

Lighting Animation Sample

From there, I did some experimenting in Cycles4D with creating correct materials for the helmet, but eventually settled on creating something that looked better under the lighting.

From there, just some simple compositing, glows and some noise in the background to create more of a silhouette, and then final color grading. Then BANG, star wars day gif.

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