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ReelCap is an award-winning production studio founded in Chicago, Illinois. We love videos and we love telling stories that captivate viewers. Whether it’s a broadcast commercial, a large screen presentation, or a corporate training video, we want to make the most engaging, memorable experience for anyone watching. Our writers and directors work with you on concept and script. Our pipelines include 2D animation, 3D animation, live-action production, or a combination with visual effects. We can even take your story to the next level with a real-time virtual experience. Bottom line, we value collaboration and work hard to creatively bring life and recognition to our client’s projects.

Who We Are


How We Work

Thanks to the challenge of working through a pandemic, our team has continued to work remotely and benefitted by allowing us to hire the very best, most talented artists from around the country. Having a diverse team allows us to cater a skillset to your specific project. Our directors and artists work directly with clients to avoid any telephone games and concentrate on keeping production efficient. And of course, we can scale our team up or down to fit the project scope or the inevitable time constraint.

Our Team

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