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The Controller - Short Film Blog 1

Here at Reel Cap, sometimes we get a little time off paid projects to work on something we are passionate about. I’ve recently written a short 2 minute story about a schizophrenic girl and her imaginary friend, the controller. I’m very excited to show you some of the earliest concepts and give you an idea of where we’re headed with this.

It all starts with a mood board that I pitched to the team as well as a short script. The mood board is an assortment of photo’s I’ve found online that I put together in order to show the look and feel and help sell the idea to the team.

The next step is character concepts. Below is the first character illustration of The Controller. These digital paintings likely will not appear in the final video, they are only here to set the art direction for when we begin creating storyboards.

Here are some sketches next to the painted version.

This is a concept for the main female protagonist. Not quite as polished as the controller above, but I may end up scrapping her altogether and starting over. We’ll see.

This is me sketching.

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