The Making of The Scarlet Ibis Trailer

We have completed yet another awesome project in collaboration with Chicago Opera Theater! We had the absolute pleasure to create a trailer for their upcoming production of The Scarlet Ibis.

This trailer had a variety of beautiful elements, so we just had to share the behind the scenes process with you!

We start with concept and mood boards to help brainstorm ideas for the elements of the trailers that we develop for our clients. Here are a few concept comps for this particular trailer:

The process for this trailer was a combination of practical and digital elements that we seamlessly wove together.

The landscape elements were created practically using paint, muslin, heavy weight butcher's paper, and chads!

Here you see Sean painting to get more texture added to the hills. Below this, you see the gorgeous background that Sean created using paint layering to create visual interest.

From there, the tree was created out of heavy weight butcher's paper, the leaves were made out of chads from a three hole punch, and the grass created by hand. We used a total of 300-400 little chads to create the leaves and to sprinkle across the screen while the boys hiked up the hill.

One of our guys, Ryan, dropped the chads in front of the landscape while a fan was going to create the sense of falling leaves.

While the landscape and Scarlet Ibis title were created practically, we chose to digitally create the two boys and their wagon.

In order to seamlessly integrate the practical and digital elements, there was some masking that had to be done to make sure the environment was reacting to the boys when stepped on or touched. You can see in the photos below how the shoes interact with the grass when masked.

To see the final product, check out the whole trailer at the top of the post!

To get information about this Chicago Opera Theater production, go to

The Scarlet Ibis runs on February 16th, 21st, and 24th, 2019.

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