The Process


The Process

Live action filmmaking is when we use real actors to create a video. There are 3 distinct parts of creating a video:


We establish the idea, style, scope, and budget of your project. This will be about a 40% of the time budget.


We create the project. 

For 3D Projects, this is about 30% of your time budget.


We take all of the assets that we have created and put them together into the final video. This tends to be about 30% of your time budget.

To make this a little easier to digest, let's break down a 3D animated video and see how it all actually happened. 

The Design Tool Box


What are expanded metals? And how can they be used in today's modern architecture? 

The Design Toolbox - EMMA NAAMM

The Design Toolbox - EMMA NAAMM

Let's break each part of the process down.

Click through the pictures to discover each new step of the project.




Pre-Production Meeting

We start by sitting down and getting to know you. We ask questions about what makes your company unique and valuable, establish project timelines, and dictate the priorities. This could be one meeting or several, depending on the project.



Lights, Camera, Action!

This process and timeline will look different for every project.  Important things to remember are; always send out a call sheet and follow up with all locations and crew.

To learn more about production, click HERE




1st Rough Cut Edit

We put together the footage to complete a first pass of what the video will look like. This may have watermarked audio and stock pictures/video, as well as rough/no transitions.